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The AudienceScience Response To Methbot

Posted by AudienceScience on Jan 27, 2017

Ad_Fraud_2017At AudienceScience, we are incredibly proud of our industry-leading fraud and NHT prevention technology. We are devoted to ensuring the highest quality service for our clients, so when the Methbot scandal emerged, we immediately took action to measure any impact on our platform. Through our analysis, we found positive results that truly speak to the power of our fraud prevention filters. We discovered that for every $10MM in media spend, only $1.20 was served to Methbot operated IPs. Additionally, we found that during the same time frame, 0.15% of our inventory was impacted (about 100MM Methbot requests/day).

Although we were receiving a significant amount of Methbot requests, through a combination of our inventory partnerships and our proprietary filters, we rejected the vast majority of fraudulent requests before they even hit our buying platform. 

With this attack, we are committed to the continued fight against ad fraud, including the following:  

  • Utilizing our unique user-level anti-fraud technology
  • Partnerships with leading anti-fraud technologies and 3rd party verification
  • Collaboration with other industry groups who are committed to fighting ad fraud
  • Continuous monitoring and filtering in conjunction with our inventory partners

To learn more about our industry-leading fraud and NHT prevention technologies and partnerships, please contact us.

Topics: Ad Fraud, Programmatic, methbot, digital advertising